Corporate Philosophy and Goals

  • Deliver professional work done by true professionals
  • Provide translation/interpretation services that convey the true meaning and nuance of the source language
  • Deliver added-value services and solutions (provision of information, advice, cross-cultural perspectives, etc.)
  • Raise the status of interpreters and translators
  • Train and develop the next generation of professionals

Uniquely Yakubo

Language services are ubiquitous in today’s increasingly borderless world. In business, in culture, globalization is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, and with its spread comes the need for increased multilingual capability. This is encouraging many people to work on improving their foreign languages skills, and is also driving the development of software applications for automated translation. However, does this mean in the future automated translation quality will reach the level of that provided by professional interpreters/translators, eliminating any differences between the two?

At Yakubo, we don’t believe so.

If language services were simply about robotically replacing one word with another, the result would be the delivery of mechanical, stilted messages. This would ignore the fact that communication is about connecting real people and facilitating the imparting and exchange of information between them.

Of course, in a modern society seeking efficiency, it is necessary to improve business speed and productivity through the utilization of applicable tools. And we do not intend to argue that there will not be an increase in the number of fields where the use of an automated method of “substituting words” will suffice going forward. However, through experience, we also know there are circumstances where such methodology is just not enough. For some businesses and situations, the need to accurately convey the true meaning behind the message being delivered is paramount.

Only people can truly decipher the source language and get to the heart of the real message. Only people can capture the emotion of what the speaker/writer is trying to convey and accurately express sensitivities and feelings such as uncertainty, confusion, anger, joy, appreciation, warmth, reticence, and confidence. Thus, we see the translators/interpreters’ role as being that of a “mind reader” capable of faithfully representing the source. Language is born of the culture of the country from which it originated, and there are intangible elements involved which no machine can fully understand, intricacies that can only be fully grasped and faithfully expressed by human beings. This “human quality” is the essence of the interpreting and translating services provided by Yakubo.

Through ongoing professional development and work, our team of dedicated interpreters and translators continue to develop and progress every day. Their desire to produce exceptional work is unmatched. As a group, the team is committed to being the best provider of interpretation and translation services in all of Japan. And that commitment to being the absolute best also serves as the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy and goals.

From the president of Yakubo

By no means are we a large organization. Our team is limited to only those who share the same core values of a desire to mutually pursue and recognize excellence. We respect talent and take pride in being language experts, artists with words so to speak, who share not only our successes, but failures as well to continually better ourselves and provide our clients with the absolute best services and solutions possible.

Yakubo is not simply an agent. Professional managers thoroughly versed in the languages they represent serve as project leaders, bringing together talent and knowledge in support of client needs.

Our work is not merely the provision of language services, either. Utilizing an extensive human network and knowledge base, we provide wide-ranging and pertinent advice in support of our clients as they work toward the realization of their projects. As cross-cultural business consultants, we can provide tailored information and make beneficial introductions. For clients, working with Yakubo means always receiving added-value services.

To be the best and do the best for our clients: that is the DNA of Yakubo. We have already enjoyed great successes with multilingual projects involving Japanese, Chinese, and English. And to enhance our services and be the best business partner possible, we plan to expand into other languages going forward as well.

To our partners

We will never be satisfied with providing exceptional service based on our language skills alone. We are constantly thinking of ways to provide added value. Interpreting and translating are part of the service industry. And service that lacks a desire to be of benefit to others is not the type of service we at Yakubo intend to pursue.

Through the power of words:

Facilitate cross-cultural understanding!

Connect people’s hearts!

Change the world!

At Yakubo, the bilingual coordinator will also be the project manager to ensure that the industry’s top level Interpreters/Translators are there for you to provide the best performance.

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